Experts in Living Succulent and Tropical Walls and Preserved Moss Walls.

We’ve learned that, between your creative ideas and our Vertical Garden Solutions, the possibilities for Green Walls are unlimited. Caring for our Green Walls is convenient and easy. Take a look at what we’ve done so far and dream us into your next project!

TrueVert® Green Walls


Tropical Green Walls


Custom Troughs

Modular Walls

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Fiorí Cylinders


TrueVert® Green Walls

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Succulent Walls

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TrueVert® Green Walls

Vertical Garden Solutions provides solutions to all your Green Wall needs. We love to brainstorm ideas! We’ll come up with solutions for your design challenges. We custom fabricate walls and planters of every dimension. We grow our own plants. We use the best modular planting systems on the market today. We install our work professionally. And we maintain our plants so that everyone wins.

Our green walls are practical, energy- and water-efficient, and above all, beautiful. Visitors can’t walk into a room with one of our Green Walls without feeling uplifted. There’s always a sense of “Wow!”

No matter where you are in the design-build process, we’re there to work with you. Please include us in your next project – we love doing this work!