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Vertical Garden Solutions and our Living Green Wall applications are endless and only stop at ones imagination. At Vertical Garden Solutions we offer different systems. You could create a vertical green wall using felt pouch's, modular trays, cylinders to name a few. Easy to maintain drip systems can be added for your convenience and easy care. View any our products and start to discover all the options for your vertical garden. Don't forget to visit our Blog for more information, creative ideas for your vertical walls and installation gallery.

Lightweight, Versatile, and Multifunctional
Made from AVS tubing, the lightweight Fiori cylinder is so easy to handle, you can move it from the tabletop to the wall or hang it in a matter of minutes.
  Simple and Modular 
With the special Fiori hangers, you can instantly create a unique suspended vertical garden that also works as a space or room divider and to provide privacy screening from close-by neighbors.



Ceramic Frames
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Modular Trays
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Fiori Cylinders,  Hangers, Kits
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Felt Pockets
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Cedar Frame 8"x10"
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  KiGA Indoor Garden
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Privacy Screens and Kits
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Unique Frame
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Mobil Walls and Hedges
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Custom Applications
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Living Wall Modules
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Vertical Garden Solutions for Everyone!
Designers & Landscapers
-Architectural Details
-Quick Installation
-Kits Available
-Custom Fabrication
Home Owners & Apartment Dwellers
-Do it yourself Packages
-Easy to Grow
-Easy to Hang & Plant


Property Managers

- Enhance lobbies/entry ways
-Self-Watering & Mobile
-Custom Design
-Maintenance Provided

Restaurant & Hotels
-Patio Screens
-Mobile Room Dividers
-Suiting Vertical Living Green
-Environment Friendly