Living wall systems can reduce solar reflectance of a structure and significantly lower a building’s temperature and mitigate the urban heat island effect.


When rooted with drought resistant plants, a living wall installation requires very little irrigation. Harvested rainwater, air conditioning condensate, and/or foundation drain water can be used to eliminate potable water use and reduce site runoff and wastewater usage.


Living wall systems offer substantial energy savings to green homes and green buildings. The benefits will vary with local climate. For example, in the northern temperate zone the savings of energy expended on air conditioning is expected to range from 25 to 50 percent after a living wall installation. In warmer climates, the energy savings contribution from our vertical gardens will last for a higher percentage of the year.

Vertical Green Walls

Achieving Vertical Architecture

Vertical Garden Solutions and our Living Green Wall applications are endless and are limited only by your imagination. There are many different systems available. Create a vertical green wall using felt pouches, modular trays, or cylinders, to name a few. Easy to maintain drip systems can be added for your convenience and easy care. View all of our products and discover the many options for your vertical garden. And don’t forget to visit our Blog for more information, creative ideas for your vertical walls, and installation gallery.

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See how having a stabilized green wall can benefit the environment!

Enviromental Benefits

See how having a stabilized green wall can benefit the environment!