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About Us

About Vertical Garden Solutions

We are taking the Vertical Living Green phenomenon very seriously. Vertical Garden Solutions are consistently looking creative products that are both earth and user friendly. All products are made in the USA and our vegetables, plants, succulents, herbs and greens are from local growers. We create Living Walls that are unique, eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

Our Living Walls - movable on wheels or not - are beautiful and easy to maintain.

Our specialty Vertical Mobile Gardens “Mobile Vege Garden”) and the “Mobile Living Green Walls” both offer the flexibility needed for an ever changing environment.

The Mobile ‘Vege’ Garden is suited for the organic minded cook for home or specialty restaurant; while the mobile room divider offers a pleasant botanical view at every angle.

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Georges Fortier
Founder and
National/Corporate Sales

Georges was born in Quebec and started in the Hospitality industry at an early age. He worked at the Chateau Frontenac as a Wine Steward thereafter I moved to Puerto Rico to complete his Hotel Management Degree from the Cornell University Branch. His Career continued with positions as Maitre D’, Dining Room manager and Sommelier.

In the late 80's he started a very successful Restaurant and Catering Business and later develop a Coffee brand “Café Nervosa” with Paramount consumer product.. He came back in the Hospitality and managed High end restaurants between 2003 and 2009. His exper- ience goes from High end to casual bistro setting. He worked with different chefs on menu development and most recently focusing on organizing Wine & Dinner events.

Motivated by the love for plants and design Georges launched Vertical Garden Solutions in 2010. Since the beginning he applied himself in finding ways to embellish existing applications. Starting immediately in product development and designed a Mobile Vertical Herb & Vege Garden and continue creating new ideas.

Lois Walag
San Diego County Sales and
Customer Service

Lois Walag is a horticulturist, award winning succulent container garden designer and co-founder of Decor Fiori.

She not only makes traditional topiary works like wreaths and kissing balls but also adapts metal "baskets" (anything that will hold moss) of all shapes and sizes into planting receptacles.

"The more unique, the greater the challenge!" says she, having crafted planters from metal filigree teacups, tricycles, treasure boxes and more. You have to see them to believe them and we hope you will not only look, but keep coming back for more!